Note: The first part is all of the documents and videos you need to read/view be

Note: The first part is all of the documents and videos you need to read/view before doing this assignment, then the second part was the real questions that you have to do.
If any of the documents or videos not working, let me know and I will send them back to you.
– First, READ “The Age of Enlightenment” and “Music of the Classical Era”
– Second, READ all of “Opera in the Classical Era” in the Music of the Classical Era folder, and
– Finally, VIEW all of the video excerpts of Mozart’s operas that are described and linked in this document.
Next, VIEW two scenes from the movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows linked below.
The first scene takes place at a performance of an opera by Mozart in the famed Paris Opera house.
The second scene (which follows immediately in the movie) switches between the opera performance and an explosion in a hotel.
Create a new thread. Create only one thread for all of your answers. Number your answers 1 through 3 to correspond to the question numbers.
Question 1 (1 point)
What is the title of the opera by Mozart that is taking place in the movie’s scenes?
Question 2 (2 points)
Beginning at 1:15 in the video of the first scene of the movie, and continuing throughout the second scene, which part of the opera by Mozart is taking place on stage during the movie’s scenes: the beginning, middle, or end of the opera? Briefly summarize what’s happening in the opera’s plot at this stage (not the plot of the movie), including the names of the three main characters in the opera.
Question 3 (3 points)
In addition to the music by Mozart, the scenes also include music composed for the movie by Hans Zimmer, one of the most prolific and sought-after composers for film.
Two important people in film post-production are the sound editor, who is responsible for mixing music, dialogue, and sound effects; and the film editor, who is responsible for how the visuals in the film are edited and put in sequence. The sound editor and film editor work together to add excitement and drama to the two scenes in A Game of Shadows.
In an essay, discuss how the music of Mozart’s opera, the music specially composed for the film by Hans Zimmer, and the various sound effects are mixed by the sound editor. Give three specific examples from the first scene, and three specific examples from the second scene.

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