Read this and the attachment very carefully
I will send APA manual login information separately
This paper is focused on the complexities of bias and offense in communication. For this paper, you need to pick a topic where bias or offense could be present.
You need to select one of the following topics, all of which are explained in your APA manual.
Racial and Ethnic Identity
Sexual orientation
Socioeconomic Status
After selecting a topic, you need to write a 1-2 page paper that addresses 3 things:
The complexities of discussing your chosen topic, such as the groups involved, or the complexities of intersectionality.
Why a writer needs to avoid bias or offense in their writing.
How bias in language use could affect research. Provide an example of how bias in language could affect research.
A correctly formatted APA title page
Be 1-2 pages long (3 paragraphs at least)
Have a references page with at least 2 references (one of these will be the APA manual)

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