Also, dicussion on the quote.

Hello, the discussion post will be more than 300 words. The first one you have to read the chapter i attached. on the files and review what the chapter is about. Then chose :3 quotes from the chapter. the first quote you have to chose between pages 442 to pages 456 ( the quote will be chose by your own and you can chose whatever you want to) then discussion on the quote like what the quote talk about and your thinking on that quote. Then you can see the section 5.1,5.2,5.3,5.4…that is the short story about our dicussion-chose 2 quotes from different section ex :”There are many kinds of power,used and unused,acknowledged or otherwise” (Audre Lorde,464) This quote is in section 5.2,after you chose the quote-discuss on it like what is it mean and your thinking on that quote.If you chose the quote in section 5.2,the last quote Will Be DIFFERENT with the section 5.2 like you can chose quote in section 5.3,l or 5.4 but it have to be not in 5.2 anymore because you chosen that before. Also, dicussion on the quote. The total quotes are 3. Then do the video responethinking about the all chapter and what are you think on the problem we are talking.

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