These may not be academic.

• The proposal is formal so it MUST be written in full and complete sentences.
• Page numbers are a MUST.
• Personal opinions are welcome as a long as they are supported with evidence from the literature.
• ALL sources used in the paper MUST be academic, peer reviewed sources. Meaning, they MUST be written by academics and/or professional and reviewed by their peers in journals, books, and other sources. Be careful of web sites, blogs, social media etc. etc. These may NOT be academic.
• WIKIPEDIA can also be tricky as you may not be sure the information contained is completely accurate.
• The proposal MUST be typed, double spaced or space and a half, APA format, academic, logical, analytical
• Try to include any of the ideas/terms in your proposal, using examples where possible and necessary:
1. Anthropology
2. Holistic Perspective
3. Comparative Perspective
4. Material Culture
5. Non-Material Culture
6. Dualism
7. Binary Oppositions
8. Idealism
9. Materialism
10. Determinism
11. Essence
12. Culture Change
13. Internal Change
14. External Change
15. Ethnology
16. Ethnocentrism
17. Cultural Relativism
18. Ethical Relativism
19. Biological Anthropology
20. Linguistic Anthropology
21. Cultural Anthropology
22. Archaeology
23. Ethnoarchaeology
24. Paleoanthropology
25. Medical Anthropology
26. Applied Anthropology
27. Forensic Anthropology
28. Applied Archaeology
29. Cultural Resource Management
30. Contract Archaeology
31. Edward Tylor
32. Culture
33. Alfred Kroeber and Clyde Kluckhohin
34. Cultural Knowledge
35. Culture Behavior
36. Culture is Learned
37. Enculturation
38. Culture is Adaptative
39. Cultural Core
40. Culture is Integrated
41. Cultural Systems
42. Culture based on Symbols
43. Symbols Culture Organizes the ways people think
44. Naturalized Concepts
45. Subculture
46. Counterculture
47. Culture Change
48. Assimilation
49. Cultural Pluralism
50. Invention
51. Innovation
52. Ethnogenesis

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