Target Phonics Activity

Create your own emergent reader support activity on phonemic awareness OR for phonics instruction and practice. Pay attention to your assigned skill.
Explore: (Links to an external site.) This website provides a plethora of activities for you to browse and utilize as a basis for your two activities. Remember, we are looking at emergent literacy for phonemic awareness so use your knowledge of emergent literacy from the course and materials to choose this appropriately. Phonics does not have to be emergent level, but can be.
Use these as a guide and design your own-it CANNOT be a worksheet and writing assignment.
Explain the activity, what grades it targets, how it is a phonics specific activity. (use specific support from the textbook to explain)
You do not have to use an activity provided above, it is there if you need it though. You may also search teacher blogs, Pinterest, or choose one from the website above and put your own spin or flare on it to make it more engaging or more visually pleasing.
Be creative. Adjust and modify to make them your own or create one entirely new.

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