Double spaced

ASSIGNMENT: Using the approved topic for your long analysis paper write a short academic argument that includes the following format parameters:
An introduction that ends with an original thesis statement that makes an argument about the research findings.
Supporting body paragraphs with developed topic sentences where multiple sources are used to support your position.
Supporting source ideas (paraphrases and quotations) are properly cited with MLA formatted in-text citations and on the works cited page.
A concluding paragraph that reminds the reader of the thesis and challenges the reader to think deeper or take action.
Proper heading See Course Overview
A centered title that is original and reflects your thesis
3-4 pages of essay
Double spaced
12-inch font
1-inch margins all around
At least three (3) academic sources (use the PGCC database), one must be peer-reviewed .
MLA-style parenthetical formatting throughout the paper
MLA formatted works cited page that includes a proper entry for each source used

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