Why does this selection take place when and where it does?

Analyze any selection from the textbook in a paper of at least 1,000 words.
– Plagiarism (including resubmitting previously-submitted work) will result in an F.
– Students must follow MLA guidelines for headings, citations, Works Cited, etc.
– Avoid errors in Edited American English.
* See the documents in this module for instructions for writing and organizing this paper.
*Topic Ideas (Choose ONE):
Analyze or compare/contrast characters. Identify the protagonist and the antagonist. What motivates the characters? How do the characters interact with others? Why? For this topic, students may need to choose characters from different short stories, poems, plays, etc.
Identify and explain the symbolism in a selection or similar symbols in different short stories, poems, etc. Why are the symbols important? Are they universal?
Which type of work is the selection (dramatic monologue, initiation story, etc.)? What are the elements of the form, and does the selection work best in this format?
Discuss the point of view. Why does the author write in first person, third person, etc.? How does the author control the mood with this point of view?
Explain the purpose of the setting. Why does this selection take place when and where it does? Explore the historical and/or geographical and/or cultural significance of the setting.

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