How would you fight for nasir in court?

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Based on all of the episodes from The Night Of, please answer the following questions.
Your answers should be typed using 11-character font (Times New Roman) and double spaced. You must answer each question fully in order to receive full credit for your submission.
A good answer for each question will yield at least at least one to one and a half(1-1.5) full paragraphs with between five to seven sentences each. I don’t want you to focus on insignificant facts from The Night Of because I am interested more in your ability to use proper Criminal Justice terminology and your ability to explain some of the concepts that we have discussed during the entire course. I am NOT saying that The Night Of content is not important – I just want to see how well you can explain relevant CJ (Criminal Justice) information to me using your CJ Minds.
(1)Briefly give a synopsis of The Night Of – in your synopsis you should identify the main characters by character name and role(in the story), the main story being told and at least two back stories that are developing along with the characters.
(2)Give at least three explanations along with three direct examples as to why Detective Box feels confident that Nasir Khan is guilty of homicide.
(3)Explain what it was specifically about Nasir Khan that made him appear to be guilty of the murder of Andrea Kornish – was it his background, his youth, his socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion, personality or some other factor that was easily manipulated by Detective Box and DA Helen Weiss? Note in this question I simply do not want an answer that states Nasir is guilty because he was there, rather I want you to discuss his mens rea, if there was one and how any combination of these factors exasperated it.
(4)Nasir befriends Freddie while incarcerated at Riker’s Island – explain how this relationship alters Nasir’s life forever. Why does Freddie have so much power over Nasir? How does he (Freddie) manipulate Nasir? For this question, you need to assess what Freddie has asked Nasir to do for him? (Crimes/lifestyle changes) Do you believe that Nasir’s values and moral intellect have been challenged due to his circumstances and surroundings? You should also include a brief assessment of the theoretical (CJ Theory) nature of this relationship, where it takes place and how it is formed.
(5)If you were Nasir Khan’s lawyer – what advice would you have given him? How would you fight for Nasir in court? What defense would you advise him to take? The report from the private investigator hired by Jack Stone becomes a pivotal part of Nasir’s defense – why? What prosecutorial evidence does he challenge? Does he introduce anything new to the jury?
(6)Are you surprised by the ending? Give me your thoughts on this show. Did this show help you to understand class content and course materials a bit better? What do you think about the current status of our CJS? (Bonus Question)
Grading Rubric:
Intro – brief intro about The Night of and Intro to CJ Course. (20 Points)
Body/Content –fulling answering each question as it appears with direct examples and or quotes from The Night of, lecture materials and/or text. (140 Points)
Style –font used, spacing, sentence structure, repetitiveness, wording, clarity, formatting, number of pages submitted, and academic voice (use of proper CJ wording and phrases). (20 Points)
Citations – using proper APA citations where direct information is cited from the book, notes and The Night Of. (20 Points)

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