Based on the above, pick one of the intervention strategies from the textbook (i

Based on the above, pick one of the intervention strategies from the textbook (intervention strategies on rape, partner violence, chemical dependency, child abuse, PTSD, etc. or you may use COVID) prepare a research paper containing the following headings with the associated information:
Introduction and Overview:
In this section of the paper, you will describe the crisis that you selected and describe why
Intervention Strategy:
In this section you will provide a general overview of the scope of your chosen crisis
Describe how common the problem is in the US today, as well as globally
Include multiple local and global statistics (remember to cite your sources)
This section should address the dynamics associated with this type of crisis
How does it occur, who does it impact
Addressing the Crisis:
This section should include a brief review of current literature that evaluates the best evidence-based practices associated with addressing this type of crisis
What is being done to address the crisis on a local and national level
What is the cost to our society
This section should address the challenges associated with addressing or solving the crisis (cultural, funding, worker burnout, etc.)
Describe the unique challenges of the situation, the community systems that may be involved, funding, etc.
Crisis Interventions:
This section should include the type of intervention(s) that would you recommend as a human services professional to address the crisis
What type of interventions are currently being used
Are they different based on geographic locations
This section demonstrates your competence as a practitioner and should demonstrate your understanding of the problem as well as the in-depth grasp of how you as the human service worker would utilize the intervention process
Consider what ethics or value-based concerns may arise as related to the issue
What are your recommendations
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention that you are Conclusion:
What surprised you about what you learned; Why
This paper should be a minimum of 4 pages in length, not including the title and reference page, with a minimum of three references. Please make sure that you follow APA writing guidelines.
To receive all the points, all areas must be covered in detail. You will also be graded on the organization, critical thinking, and analysis of the intervention of the problem. The paper should be written using the APA format and be at least 4 pages in length not including the title and reference sheet. You must include a minimum of three references. Remember to use APA formatting.

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