Instructions You are the Governor-elect of your U.S. state/prefecture/regional

You are the Governor-elect of your U.S. state/prefecture/regional government authority about to start your term. You have the power to legislate and implement measures for major shifts in policy including energy. Your state can produce energy, import it, or a combination of the two. An oil pipeline passes on the edge of your state, but it’s not free. Your underground oil resources are proven, but not all have been tapped. No coal exists in your state.Three independent studies commissioned by your predecessor were carried out. One says that your state’s finances can sustain fracking for the next 20 years, while phasing out oil and coal. The second study proposes selling whatever is left of your oil and most of your natural gas until you can afford to build a nuclear power plant in 10-20 years. The third study finds that it is more profitable to sell your natural gas to other states, while exhausting the last of your oil resources within the next 7 years.
How do you deal with that conflicting information? What is your course of action?
Read carefully all the information before responding.
Your final essay and presentation will be on the same topic. This topic will be drawn and inspired from the environmental issues you have been exposed to so far and will continue to be exposed to in class this semester. There is more material to be covered, so you don’t have to decide this week, but you need to have thought about it, have posted on this forum, and gotten my approval by Dec 2. The presentation is due on Dec 6 and the essay is due on Dec 6. The earlier you post on the Discussion Forum, the more time you will have available to prepare both deliverables. See relevant Assignments.
Post here a topic you feel passionate about and a couple of sentences on it. I will review it and post comments or alternative ideas.

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