Computer Science

Computer 5

What are some of the latest advances in encryption technologies? Conduct some independent research on encryption using scholarly or practitioner resources, then write a two pages paper that describes at least two new advances in encryption technology. Prepare a summary of issues related to Encryption Technology.  Consider and discuss: the impact of encryption on organizations and …

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Computer 4

In this week’s chapter we learned about the information security triad, security tools, and how to secure yourself digitally. Thinking about your own security, and maintaining good passwords, keeping software up to date, etc., we should also discuss the security risks associated with social media. With online activity, one may be curious about privacy. For …

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Computer 3

Write 2 pages Imagine you are an Information Technology professional that has been at your job for 4 years. Your boss has just asked you to find a cloud based Data Warehouse colocation center that your company can use to house all of its data that comes in from all company information systems.   Please search …

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Discussion 300 words

 There are many mobile platform vulnerabilities listed in the readings from this week (slides 8, 9, and 10). Which do you feel is the greatest threat to users? Do you agree that people generally are not aware of the threats to their mobile devices? 

Research Topic

  Write a research paper on the following topic: Cybersecurity (also known as computer security or IT security) is information security as applied to computing devices including the Internet impacts businesses of all types. Outline how businesses have protected themselves from cybersecurity threats, and its impact on their working and competitiveness. Suggest a company that …

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Data Analysis

Imagine your organization is going to build an application utilizing Big Data and Machine Learning. You are going to propose your idea to upper management with supporting system design. Develop an APA-formatted paper that presents a detailed analysis and research-based information pertaining to ALL of the following topics List and describe the type of data …

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Review Section 1.3 on effective versus ineffective security governance in Westby, J. R., and Allen, J. H. (2007), Governing for Enterprise Security (GES) Implementation Guide, which is located in your Module 3 readings (and available online from ).   Compare and contrast the effectiveness criteria in Table 1 on pp. 8-9 of Westby and Allen (2007) …

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  This unit’s assignment asks you to consider all elements discussed in chapter 20 and 21. Answer the questions below in a 2 full-page (minimum) paper and provide examples or use additional resources to highlight your points. You paper should have a solid introduction, body and conclusion (hint: assume that the reader of your paper …

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