8310 Week5 Dis2

Qualitative Study Websites and social media sites can provide important sources of data that will help expand your understanding of the stakeholders who are connected to the phenomena you are exploring. Choose one of the three social change literature review articles found in this weeks Learning Resources and review the article in detail.

8310 wk 5 dis1

Choose one of the four Scholars of Change videos Access the transcript you downloaded for the media program of the Scholars of Change video you selected for this Discussion. Begin to code the transcript and the observational field notes of the Scholar of Change Video you chose. (Note: You will only need one or two …

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8310 Major Assignment 1

Major Assignment 1: Overview: Developing a Research Topic for a Qualitative Study Developing an idea for a research study is a process, where a topic of interest or social problem gets translated into a research problem that can be explored using accepted systematic procedures for recruiting participants, collecting data, and analyzing and interpreting results.

Due Sunday

Recommend the steps you would take to protect the most significant item of intellectual property you currently believe your company possesses. Include a step by step process of what you would provide as documentation, how you would file the necessary documents (including any websites addresses), and associated fees required to file for IP protection in …

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Field Experience A: Advocacy

  Special education staff have a professional responsibility to advocate for their students and their families. When collaborating with families, there are often opportunities to empower families and help them find services and resources in the community. Awareness of disability advocacy organizations and their relationship with public schools will help the educator assist families as …

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