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  Identify whether you were assigned a pro or con position. Based on the position you were assigned, present an academic case, pro or con, to the statement Michael Jackson was a pedophile. i was assigned con


A case on any United States Supreme Court case that involves an interpretation of the Constitution – this encompasses most of the cases that come before the Supreme Court. However, case heard by the Supreme Court from 2009 to the present. No case that is older than 2009. This will help ensure that is  on …

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week 4journal

All questions are worth 20 points: Discuss the legal philosopher H. L. A. Hart’s features of criminal punishments that are different from other sanctions. 2. Describe some significant victims’ rights legislation. 3. Discuss the different schools of thought regarding compensation. 4. Explain the difference between aggravating and mitigating factors. 5. What are the constitutional limitations …

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week 4 chat

Directions Discuss the controversial issues surrounding the protections of the Second Amendment. Do you believe Americans have the right to own weapons; if so, under what conditions? Please use real-life cases to support your stance. Make sure you include citations and references. Make sure you cite your research in proper APA format.

Week 5 Discussion Forum – Parole for Juveniles sentenced to life in prison /NO PLAGARISM PROFESSOR USES TURNITIN

    Articles: [4/15/19] Juvenile Lifer at Center of U.S. Supreme Court Case Denied Parole Again Louisiana inmate, Henry Montgomery, was convicted in the 1963 killing of a sheriff deputy. He was a juvenile at the time. Montgomery was convicted and sentenced to death, but the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that he did not get a …

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4230 mod 6 quest

  Chapter 10 Questions: 1) What are the characteristics of mentally disordered female offenders? 2) How and why do the mental health professionals and the custody staff differ in their views of mentally disordered offenders? 3) What are potential social sources of mental disorders? 4) What role does assessment play in this whole process of …

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4230 cj mod 5 db

  Open the two links regarding the Allen County Restoration Court project and the The Kelley House (if the links don’t open by double-clicking, highlight, copy, and past the web addresses into your browser). Should we seperate non-violent, dually diagnosed offenders from the “mainstream” criminal justice population and place them in programs like Restoration Court and The …

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Comparative Justice Systems

  Comparative Justice Systems        you will focus on examining global criminal activity by creating a comparative justice systems classification strategy. The activities completed throughout the course have provided you with knowledge of the various types of laws, criminal justice systems, and criminal activities that occur across the world. Additionally, you have learned about the cultures …

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POWERPOINT Presentation

Discussion Board Post Presentations  – focus on an Environmental Crime topic and entities and NGOs providing SOLUTIONS and ACTIVISM OPPORTUNITIES.   Research TWO groups from the list below and post a power point presentation  IT SHOULDTAKE APPROXIMATELY 5-10 MINUTES TO READ THROUGH YOUR SLIDES Conflict Awareness Project: Follow the Guns – Interpol: CITES: Stop Ecocide International: …

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ethical dilemma

Analyzing an ethical dilemma. You are transplant nurse coordinator, thinking about two patients who are being evaluated for placement on the kidney transplant waiting list. One patient is a 40-yr-old African American schoolteacher. She is married and has two children. The other patient is a 22-yr-old unemployed white man. He misses three or four dialysis …

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