Political Science

Diplomacy- what to do if…

How can you intervene in international currency markets to depress the value of the NTD?  How can you deal with the threat of punishment from the US if it notices your policies? How do you balance the needs of your country against the pressures of other states and the international economy?


 (Part I) Create your Individual TOOLBOX (15 Points) (do not take a photo, but describe everything that has to be in the toolbox and answer the questions,) Purpose: for a Symbolic Representation- As a creative representation of the analogy Tools in your toolbox that showcases the various techniques/concepts (learned during this course) that you would …

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The Epidemiological Profile of Racial/Ethnic Minorities

Chapter 4: PH116-44 – Race, Ethnicity, and Health Read chapter 4 and answer the questions.  1). This disease is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. It is more common among people who are members of some racial and ethnic minority groups and groups with lower socioeconomic status.? A. Heart disease B. …

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Free exercise clause (of 1st Amendment)

TOPIC: Free exercise clause (of 1st Amendment) Post must be 2000 words in length, double-spaced, not counting the cover page and the reference pages. You must use at least 5 scholarly sources. All sources used must be referenced and paraphrased; any quoted material must be placed in quotes, and must have accompanying APA style in-text citations.