hw jl

Describe in detail what you did that led up to the failure. Outline specifically the steps and actions you took leading up to the failure.  Tell me what happened and then what did you expect to happen in the situation. Make sure to outline exactly where things went wrong and what failed? Reflect on why you …

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  Answer the following questions in a Word document and upload it below.  What is the job title your seeking for your Got to the ONE? Next, what are 10 companies you are interested in working for? List them in order of importance to your with number 1 being your top company. Include the company …

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Reading Reflection Activity Hurrican Harvey

Complete a 1-page reflection of your readings and material.  The first paragraph will be a summary describing the overall themes.  The rest will list your 3 main takeaways from the readings, 3 practice implementation recommendations, and finally, a paragraph reflecting on what you learned, such as something you haven’t thought about before, a new connection …

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discussion 3

150 words   Discuss on what basis misdemeanors and felonies are distinguished. Discuss the elements of a crime and defenses. Discuss white-collar crimes affecting businesses. If you are comfortable, discuss crimes or attempted crimes touched on in this chapter that you have personally experienced. I’m sure that every one of you has received unsolicited commercial …

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Your Agency

 Describe your agency.  Discuss the types of disasters they prepare for, policies that are important to the agency, and who their main response partners are. Additionally, referring to the National Response Framework and Incident command, construct a simple Incident command structure organizational chart for your agency.  If you cannot find any reference materials that shows …

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discussion wk3

150 words.   Describe the various types of health care institutions/hospitals. What impact does the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations or JCAHO have on health care institutions/hospitals? What is the Certificate of Need (CON) law and why is it important?

Reflection on Sandy

  Consider the following questions as you read the chapters: What is your understanding of social capital? Consider other major cities and other natural disasters, for example, Los Angeles.  How do population density, the status of housing availability, and social capital affect recovery?