Research Outline On implicit Bias using the links provide

Annotated Bibliography (Links Provided) (Use these sources please!!) Prentice, Robert. Implicit Bias | Concepts Unwrapped. YouTube, YouTube, 31 Oct. 2018, Accessed 14 Nov. 2022. The video introduces a prejudice known as “implicit bias”. The narrator and writer, Robert Prentice, is a professor of business law and business ethics at The University of Texas at …

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PBL Task: For this assignment you will be working with a group to write a strategic plan on a current issue/problem that has been identified within your “school.” You will present your plan to “school” (aka our class) for approval and reflect on the process. Once you have read through the entire issue/problem, you will …

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For the grade level you hope to teach, design 3-5 age-appropriate procedures for teachers that you plan to use in your future classroom. For each procedure, describe the procedure steps and present a plan for how you will teach, rehearse, and reinforce the procedure.

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Share an analysis of a research article that is relevant to your problem in professional practice, including the methodology, design, sample, data collection, data analysis, and results. Discern which pieces of information are important to your problem in professional practice. Instructions Your assignment is an 800–1200-word paper that follows APA form and style protocols. Refer …

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Assessment Project

Assessment Project – Students will watch the administration of the Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement to a school-age student. You will watch the assessment of the student with the Woodcock-Johnson(all portions)and the Key Math, as well as informal assessments. You will also find and watch an assessment of a related language arts area (writing, spelling …

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Develop an outline of your planned Concept Review (Chapter 2) content. Review Ch. 7 of James & Slater (2014) as an example, and ensure your outline adheres to the structure of the Chapter 2 Template found in the CDS Dissertation Guide on CDS Central. Note: The outline for Chapter 2 should include all the topics …

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