Identification of (4) differences between two text.

Hi Writer! Write four points where you give four sets of oppositions between Andrea Dworkin (Woman Hating) and Alison Lurie’s (Don’t Tell The Grown-Ups/Folktale Liberation) views of fairy tale heroines. I’ll attach a file for both texts. Here’s an example (please follow this format): 1. Dworkin: Men are either saviors, or high-born absent fathers in …

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How de cluttering changed my life

This is a blog , which brings out essence of how decluttering environment is a good for improving productivity and acheive greater results, the quality of vocabulary has to be top notch, however you have to write on behalf of a youngerwomen, in final year high school , with ambition to have multipl expereinces

Reading of a Chapter with follow up questions.

Hi Writer. Please read “Folktale Liberation” a chapter of Alison Lurie’s, Don’t Tell the Grown Ups. I’ll attach the chapter. Followed by answering 4 questions on the chapter. 1) What classes of people are most celebrated and affirmed in fairy tales according to Lurie‚Äôs account? 2) She speaks of various critics of fairy tales, what …

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Target Phonics Activity

Create your own emergent reader support activity on phonemic awareness OR for phonics instruction and practice. Pay attention to your assigned skill. Explore: (Links to an external site.) This website provides a plethora of activities for you to browse and utilize as a basis for your two activities. Remember, we are looking at emergent …

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Written by himself

Please see detailed instruction. This is an Essay with a 7 slide PowerPoint. I have attached detailed instructions for this project along with graded previous parts of the project with professors notes. Please use all files to ensure a well executed final project. Project with a good grade will be reward with generous tip. Work …

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